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Artistic education

As a former teacher and lecturer of arts subjects I was acquainted with the artistic world, but never had time, until recent years, to follow my own leaning to experiment with painting, believing that it was not a possibility for me.

Now, completely self-taught, you can imagine my delight this year (2012) in discovering an online-site with excellent tuition from well-known professionals. Thank you Bob Davis and team for providing such great teachers at Art Tutor.
The following is written in autobiographical diary form as I move through the exciting world. The reader may be able to see progress in the galleries
  although I sometimes think some of the best work happened at the beginning.

Creative development

I’m relatively new at this; inspired by the now outmoded Bob Ross – that gentle man with a love of all creatures, whose voice in the middle of the night either lulled one back to sleep or inspired one on to lift the paint brush again – I finally did lift that paint brush and managed to paint something that resembled something recognisable. I was elated! Ross said everyone could do it – and I could! I had, at least, made a start. This was many, many years after I had looked down on the bluebell woods of Yorkshire and wished I could keep them with me through a paint brush as well as in memory. I was sure I couldn’t. 

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January 2011

This is turning into something of a painting diary with reasons how and why I am choosing certain subjects. I had hoped to have a long space of time this last Christmas but, on the contrary, there hasn’t been the time available to pick up the brush whenever the Muse arrived, and so much has been lost. Mechanical brushwork without inspiration ends for me in very dull results; I have to really want to capture the essence of the subject for any measure of success.

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