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Some brief words about my gallery

As a teacher and lecturer, I have always been associated with the Arts world, but the time to take up the brush to enter the world of painting never presented itself until recent years.

Brenda myselfComing to painting  late in life, I discovered the now late Bob Ross, that lovely man in tune with nature, with squirrels in his pocket while he painted. I was hooked; Bob said anyone could do it, and I could. Or, at least I did manage to cover some canvases with pleasing pictures.

Most of these can be seen in my first and second galleries.

Unfortunately, I became allergic to the materials used with oils, so I turned to the more difficult techniques of watercolour painting. Gradually, the fear of the blank white paper in front of me, turned into excitementas I watched the water and colour create their mysterious magic; the joy of discovering what could be achieved took over.

Finding ArtTutor.com online with Bob Davies and his expert team of tutors was another boost, for which Im very grateful. To these and the inspiration of an art group led by Vera Gies at the VHS in Herzogenaurach, I owe much of my present development.

I have no pretence to creating ART; the latter, to my mind, has something to say perhaps a Duty to say - about the world and I dont have the artistic talent to speak.The major happening in the world has been the migration of thousands of people driven from their homes by war. My only offering was a painting of a sinking ship off the coast of Australia the first of many hundreds of fragile boats later to attempt the journey. All were lost then and more than 4,000 people since. My painting shows a Life Force symbol in the shape of a horse, completely helpless in the face of such a tragedy as were the horrified Australian watchers. This painting can be seen in Gallery 2.

Since then Ive turned mostly to Nature for inspiration, continuing with watercolour, and occasionally pastel and other material. There is much more experimentation to venture into.

At some point in time, the ongoing massacre of Aleppo must be faced. This is the horror of Christmas 2016; the slaughter of the innocents. I have no skills to depict this. Later. Perhaps much later.

Exhibitions in the local museum of Herzogenaurach have drawn pleasing comments, but for now I leave my galleries to speak for themselves.The viewer will, Im sure,see progress as he or she meanders through. I hope to add new, and hopefully interesting,work during 2017.

December 2016